True Wealth

Wealth is a funny word. It evokes emotional response from nearly every person I know.

The reality is that we all possess wealth of some kind—wealth of financial resources, personal accomplishment, wealth of character, relationships, or any combination of all. A “wealth manager” should be uniquely suited to help make the most of your total wealth. I feel very strongly about that, and it drives most of what I do.

Your wealth (“capital”), your family’s wealth, is much, much more than your financial assets. In different terms, wealth encompasses financial capital, human capital, and intellectual capital.
• Human capital: one’s education and effort to become the best person they can be
• Intellectual capital: one’s life experience and ability to generate wealth
• Financial capital: just what it sounds like…financial assets and resources.

Therefore, I picture True Wealth like this…

Human Intellectual Financial Capital

Without nurturing every aspect of wealth, your resources may dissipate over time. Practically, financial resources are a tool to support the growth of all the other resources you possess. In a family dynamic, think about your family in terms of all of its assets. How can one continuously preserve and develop each family member’s human and intellectual capital? Only when you begin to develop strategies to address the entirety of your family’s wealth will you make progress toward protecting your true wealth.