Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” – Stephen Covey

Sterling Wealth Management is proud of the wealth management process we employ. We understand the need to truly know and understand our clients. It helps us foster our consultative approach to ongoing wealth management.

Our process starts with a Discovery Meeting. At this meeting we explore your financial goals to determine whether we are the right firm to help you in achieving those goals.

If we decide that there is a basis for our working together, we will identify the gaps and challenges you face in achieving all that is important to you, as well as solutions to overcome those challenges.

At the Investment Plan Meeting, we will share with you the investment strategies we would recommend specifically for your unique situation.

If we have a mutual commitment to work together to achieve all that is important to you, Sterling Wealth Management will commit all of its resources to making that happen. Working with our wealth management network, we will create a Wealth Management Plan that will go beyond just investments to address other financial issues that may be critical to you for reaching all of your financial goals. This plan is then reviewed and updated at each Regular Progress Meeting.

Our firm coordinates and manages the entire planning process, ensuring the integration of all relevant financial issues. The end result is a comprehensive and highly individualized plan that serves as a roadmap that helps our clients achieve all that is important to them.

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