Co-Founders - Sterling Wealth Management

Martin and Sharon Allen

Sterling Wealth Management was an ideal we held long before it became a private wealth management firm. Our ideal was to create a financial services organization that would be a place of safety for people seeking honest advice to help them live their best lives.

It is our belief that the financial services industry is too often focused on their own good, not the good of the people they are supposed to serve.

In 2004, with a mission to change this conversation, Sterling Wealth Management was born to be a beacon of light in a financial services industry. We have worked to create a company that is more like a family, providing excellent and unbiased advice authentically.

Since our founding, Sterling Wealth has maintained commitment to create a community that we want to be a part of. Whether it is the people we work with, the clients we serve, or the greater community where we live, we will never stop looking for ways to make life better for those we care for.

We welcome you to our community…the Sterling family.

Martin and Sharon Allen
Co-Founders – Sterling Wealth Management